Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lim Yong Xiang Justin, Carven Ng, Jemima Leong Hoi Mun, Lim Jing Yi - S1-04

Our topic is...

The comparison between Edgar Allen Poe's poem 'Dreams' and Lisa Zaran's 'Dreams' to investigate the evolution within the topic of 'Dreams' of Poetry.

a) It is already focused as it is already focused from the idea of 'Literature' and 'Poetry'. Our previous idea was to analyze four but we changed it to two to keep it more focussed.
b) We find this topic significant as we can analyze how poetry would evolve, targeting the very modernization of Poetry, only it is more focused :)
c) We find this feasible as we only have to analyze the two poems and make our inferences from the documents. We might also have to do some research about this topic of poetry to find out how the general idea of poetry has evolved.
d) It is highly manageable as we can break up our time easily.
e) It will be accessible as we can get all the resources from the library (certain books), interent and our brains.
g) Web Links that we will use:

h) Our types of data collection will be a sort of 'Case Studies' as we study the poems and make our inferences from there.

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